Browser issue in raw therapee 5.9

I have just installed Raw Therapee 5.9. The OS is linux mint 21.2. On opening the application I am able to view the various drives mounted but am unable to navigate to any other directory other than the home directory. I do not have this issue with Raw Therapee 5.8. However, I am able to view any image (RAW) when I click on the image flie directly. Owing to this problem I have gone back to 5.8. Has anyone else faced the same problem? Any solution/s?

Hi, where did you install the application from?

The installation was the flatpak version in the linux mint repository using the software manager of linux mint. The system package of version 5.9 is currently not available in the repository.

As I suspected, a problem with the flatpak package persists for a few years now:

The advice for the flatpak remains the same as recommended in that thread: use flatseal or the flatpak cli to grant the rt flatpak the permissions you want it to have.

Thanks a million. For the present, I shall use the 5.9 version in windows. It works there.

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Solved the problem by installing Flatseal and granting appropriate permissions. I now have Raw Therapee 5.10 installed. Thanks for the advice.