Brush mask hardness not working

I like the masking possibilities of ART very much and use them often. I noticed that adjusting he hardness of the brush for making a brush mask does not work. Nothing changes when I use the hardness slider. Besides that, it would be very nice if this feature was edge-aware.


I won’t be with a computer for a couple of weeks, but can you post an arp and raw to show the issue in the meantime? I use hardness all the time and I haven’t noticed anything strange. If you want edge awareness, use the feather slider.


Hello, the hardness of the brush mask does work here (on latest self-compiled version of Art), as it has always done. Perhaps good to know is that you must set the brush hardness before you make a brush strike, you can’t alter the hardness afterwards (unless you use the transparancy slider).

I didn’t know that Alberto, and it works great! Only question left is why you didn’t say that before. :wink:

It could be a naming issue. The hardness slider works like opacity.

If you want smooth edges, you need the bottom slider(s).


But these affect all strokes. You can not just do it for a particular one.

Thank you all for the answers. I thought hardness meant soft edges while stroking. So there’s no issue here. It works well.

I would have expected that too.

Because nobody asked :slight_smile:

It means how hard you push on the brush – if you have a better term I’m more than happy to change the label though

I would understand this behaviour as “opacity”. This is how I’m used to it. But of course, I alone am not representative. My main experiences are coming from DT an Affinity Photo:


For fun: GIMP


Feel free to wait for more input by other users.

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Thanks for your input. It seems opacity is a more common term, and I have no objection to rename hardness to opacity. (If someone feels like contributing, it’s just a one-line change in the translation file :slight_smile:

No idea how contributing works :upside_down_face:

But it’s two lines: don’t forget about the tooltip.



Three in total :wink:

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Well it was not directed at you specifically… Interacting here is contributing btw :slight_smile:


Hello everbody.

Follow up question (without the possibility to try and experiment right now):

What is the difference between “Opacity” and “Transparency” - see apostel338’s screen shot?
For me 100 percent opacity equals 0 percent transparency?

Or do they apply on different levels (local brush and overall mask) or behave differently?

Otherwise there is still an inconsisteny in naming…

Yes, I thought about that possible inconsistency. You are right, 100 transparency is 0 opacity. But transparency operates on the whole brush mask, not on individual strokes. I could flip the slider and rename it to “global opacity” if it’s clearer. Opinions?

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Sounds reasonable. How about something like this, to make clear that the whole following section is global?


Edit: Just seen. If you intend to implement this idea, maybe for area mask too?



I was going to ask in a new thread but found this one so I’ll ask here instead. Is there, in fact, any way to adjust brush (edge) hardness / softness? If not, is it on the roadmap? It would be very useful.

I know I can feather a brush mask once applied but it’s not the same as a soft brush. They’re both useful, just different.

There’s no other way than the global feathering and smoothing, and no plan to extend this, sorry

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