Bucolic Peruvian Scene

I wanted to try a Hassel-like crop:

DSC_0034.png.out.pp3 (13.1 KB)
RT5.8dev (commit f0720ff34)

And I like the blue-haze on the background, too :wink:


I found it quite challenging to find a balanced composition which somewhat works for me here in between the empty sky and the grass in the foreground. In the end I focused more on the colors. The transition from the golden yellow to the blue sky gives a nice bit of depth.

DSC_0034.NEF.xmp (23.3 KB)


Like this crop!

That worked really well. It gives a good sense of depth and guides the eye right through to the mountain.

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I cheated a bit:

DSC_0034.pfi (40.4 KB)

Theres also a 65:24 Xpan crop to continue the Hasselblad theme:

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I find the focus on the people who work in the field surrounded by these wide and monumental landscapes very exciting:

By the way, very nice photo!


Very nice edit!

Nice (minimal?) use of the modules, but the way you use the channel mixer is worth mentioning specifically; No-one here, including myself, made those mountains stand out like that.

PhotoFlow, G’MIC, zoom and enjoy!

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I really like how you made the details pop up. Maybe i would have choosen for little less saturation, anyway interesting edit!

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darktable 3.0.2

DSC_0034.NEF.xmp (11,2 Ko)


I finally found some time to give this a try, so here’s my attempt:

DSC_0034.NEF.arp (10.7 KB)

@Ivan_M76, I can only say again that this is a very nice picture, and your edit looks already quite good to me…


Really nice scenery!

DSC_0034_RT-1.jpg.out.pp3 (13.2 KB)

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DSC_0034.jpg.out.pp3 (12.3 KB)


I think that your background is better than mine for sure.

I tried different edits on the photo and i’m never able to achieve the peaceful atmosphere i felt when i was there. The feeling that there the time has stopped.

Before going abstract, I toyed with a similar look as @agriggio’s. The problem with most entries is that they are too intense, esp. the foreground. :hot_pepper: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

DSC_0034.NEF.xmp (13.1 KB)

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And here is my try.DSC_0034.NEF (12.6 MB) DSC_0034.NEF.xmp (13.1 KB)