[Bug]Darktable: Zoom in and zoom out give halo artifacts.



The left is exported from darktable with same setting in the right.
If you look carefully, you can see that the DT have halo glow around the leave. But the exported doesn’t.
The halo disappear when it is zoom in closely in DT.


This is the photo with xmp file. The module that cause this artifacts seems to be haze removal.
DSC_5391.NEF.xmp (8.3 KB)
DSC_5391.NEF (9.2 MB)


Previews need to be fast. As long as your export is fine, it is okay. Usually 100% is the most accurate view in raw processors and image viewers. Sometimes, there is a button that makes the app render an accurate image on demand.

(Peter) #4

I also noticed that. And not only halos. eg. at “fit to screen” magnification photo is unsharp, bus as soon as I zoom in, it starts getting “sharp”. Purple fringe as well, when I zoom in, it disappears. On exported photo it’s sharp, no fringe etc. As @afre wrote, its a preview and unfortunately it misleads sometime.


Are there that button in darktable?