bug? no Internet after starting Natron


i’m on macOs 10.13.4
Natron 2.3.11
after starting Natron i cannot open any webpages with Safari anymore
as soon as i close it it’s back working normally

strangly opening webpages with Firefox doesn’t seem to be affected

anyone has the same issue ? Is this a bug or something on my system?

(Mica) #2

Most likely something on your system.


very strange … i have so many apps , none of them is causing such an issue

anyone any advice where to start searching?

I haven’t noticed anything in the console
creating a new network environment didn’t change anything


I can confirm this problem on 10.13.4., Natron 2.3.4.

Chrome is fine, Safari won’t be able to load any pages. As soon as you close Natron, it’s all fine again.

(Frédéric Devernay) #5

This is a bug with the crash reporting system, which I haven’t been able to corner down so far.
Note that Apple Mail is affected too.

One solution is to totally disable crash reporting on macOS, which I may do with the next release.

To disable the crash reporter in Natron, do the following in a terminal:

mv /Applications/Natron.app/Contents/MacOS/Natron-driver /Applications/Natron.app/Contents/MacOS/Natron-driver.orig
mv /Applications/Natron.app/Contents/MacOS/Natron-bin /Applications/Natron.app/Contents/MacOS/Natron-driver


thanks that worked!