Bug(s) in 99.8-1?


I’ve been trying SiriL 99.8-1and I think I found some bugs (or user error of course)

I’m using a mac book pro with Mojave 10.14.6

Is it correct that the old ‘right click’ is not working any more? I used to do Control click on track pad. I used to crop a picture or deselect background sample points like that. Now I can’t figure out how to do either. (I expect user error here)

The other thing I noticed is that if I click the menu on the top right to select Keyboard Short cuts the popup window is below the main window and I can’t get to the pop up. I need to quit SiriL as nothing can be clicked until that popup is closed. (It doesn’t happen if I use it on my 2nd screen)

Else compliments on the new look. I do prefer to have the previews separately and not in one screen. I hope that feature comes back in v1. I prefer to have the console on one screen and the images on another.



For me it is working fine. Even on macOS.

on macOS it is “cmd” + click to do things.

I try on BigSure with no issue, so maybe I don’t understand.

No sorry, this is not scheduled. Maybe someday, but I’m not sure.


Re right click: Command click on pad also doesn’t work. I should have added that.

Re popup: So on laptop it will be below the main window. I can see it if I take hot corner to see all the screens which are overlapping. However, I can’t select it as the main screen is frozen until you click away the popup. Can’t move the main screen away to select the popup. On the 2nd screen it pops on top as it should be.

ping @rbarbera

I believe I also found a bug. Whatever set of images I work with, when I get to the registration stage, Siril will run the necessary steps, creates the r_****.seq file, and right after then it crashes and quits without any message or notification.
I have to reopen Siril, load the mentioned seq file in order to be able to follow with stacking.
I use version 99.8.1. Did not have this issue with 99.6 though.
I use AHY183mm and Nikon D5300, capturing with Windows laptop.

probably this one: https://gitlab.com/free-astro/siril/-/issues/685

What do I do there? I can’t see any download link on that site.