bug: snapshot and toggling the bottom panel

I recently discovered the ability to compare images using snapshots, which is great. Whilst playing around with this, I ended up with one image reflecting the fact that I’d done ctrl-shift-b to toggle the bottom panel, and one without, so the two images - when the snapshots were being compared by dragging the bar left/right - were not level, and I couldn’t find a way to remove the bar from the snapshot comparison.

This is on linux, using v3.0.1 from…well, i think i installed from:
but I did a few installs from different places immediately after building this pc (settled on kubuntu!) so I can’t be 100% - how do I check? What is the preferred way to get the latest stable darktable? ubuntu is hopelessly out of date; the PPAs (both stable and unstable) have a “This PPA should no longer be consider a primary source for packages” warning; not sure how the method I installed it handles updates; do I have to be on the lookout for new versions manually? Do I need to uninstall this version first or does dpkg handle that nicely? I don’t mind using a method that makes it easier to test/report problems back to developers.

Unfortunatelly there’s some limits to snapshot functionality regarding zoom changes, panning etc. This probably requires more work in depth of code.

As for bar - simply deselect the snapshot and bar should be gone.