Building documentation on Windows


I have successfully built dt from source files on Windows, but I have ignored building the documentation. Now I decided to have a look at the new documentation, but my build process doesn’t find saxon.

-- Found Java: C:/Program Files/RedHat/java-14-openjdk-jre-14.0.2-1/bin/java.exe (found version "14.0.2") found components: Runtime
-- No saxon XSLT processor and/or no docbook saxon extension library found.
Xslt processor saxon not found. HTML usermanual will be built with xsltproc;
expect usermanual with inconsistent screenshot and image dimensions.


-- The following OPTIONAL packages have not been found:

 * libavif (required version >= 0.7.2)
 * Saxon

In my profile I have (and the files are there where the CLASSPATH points to)

# Update your CLASSPATH

Any ideas what can be wrong? I also deleted my build directory and recreated it, but the same issues remained.

This works for me

export SAXON_INSTALL_DIR="~/java/saxon65/"

Thank you for the tips. I had two errors:

  1. my SAXON_INSTALL_DIR was wrong, it was only ~ as it should have been ~/java/saxon
  2. the saxon package saxon-he-10.2.jar name was not recognized by cmake, when I had to copy the package to saxon.jar