Building RT from source on Linux

Cloning/pulling from and compiling works on my Devuan box, but I have questions related to the build procedure described in section “The Manual Way” in the web document
In subsection Make there there is a code block for Compile:

cd ~/programs/code-rawtherapee
mkdir build
cd build

cmake \
... \

My copy of cmake does not work well in an empty “build” dir. What am I missing here?

Further, compiling RT the way I know from other apps (cmake, make, make install) works just fine. The code goes to /usr/local/bin which I can not see in the instructions. That is my preferred location, so I’m a happy camper. But the build instruction page referenced above, is probably not made for people like me.

The application starts and appears to work, albeit with a list of Gtk-warnings of depreciated style properties, which I guess I can safely ignore.

How so? Do you run into any warning or errors? The instructions should work, though they could be shortened to cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE="release" -DCACHE_NAME_SUFFIX="5-dev" -DPROC_TARGET_NUMBER="2" -DBUILD_BUNDLE="ON" -DBUNDLE_BASE_INSTALL_DIR="$HOME/programs/rawtherapee" ..

Hehe, no.
mkdir anydir
cd anydir
cmake prints its usage() instructions, as it should.

I simplified the defines for cmake to the bare minimum the way I understood the instructions on the web page.

According to instructions the build “release” is the default, so not set.
Cache name suffix and the proc target number both set.
Build bundle not set (optional for Linux and default off).
Bundle base install directory did not seem to have any effect, but it probably will if I define build bundle on (why should I?)

I will try out all the combinations and see where it takes me. This is not stopping me from trying to learn using RT, the *.AppImage files have done the job for some time.

Thank you very much for your response.

cmake ..
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Ah, thanks. I probably interpreted that updir to be an ellipsis. How ignorant!