Built-in Profiles support in RawTherapee

I am currently using Lightroom and RawTherapee (5.9 beta for ARM Macs)… Some Raws have a built-in profile for lens correction… Is it possible to “get” this feature in the future?

Built-in Profiles
Depending on your camera / lens combination, you might see the message Built-in Lens Profile applied at the bottom of the Lens Corrections panel. This means that Lightroom is using a lens profile that your camera embedded into the Raw file. It’s common with compact and mirrorless cameras.

I had to open up RT to check, but apparently it is possible. My X-T4 doesn’t do this, so it’s grayed out in this example.

Edit: I’m using RT 5.9 Stable for Windows.

Just curious, what are your reasons for using both LR and RT?


That’s a colour management profile, not a lens (distortion + vignetting) profile.

See Lens/Geometry - RawPedia
How to get LCP and DCP profiles - RawPedia
RTProfileSelector - RawPedia

Edit: and maybe Lens correction with modern cameras


I use both for comparing how the work differently with created DCP with Lumariver… They interpret all the “auto” function (white balance for example) complete different. I guess I will completely use RT, if Mac has a stable ARM build for 5.9 (or later)

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I stand corrected. I saw the word ‘profile’ and didn’t read it in context.

Regarding RT-5.9 for macos arm64: I think lensfun is working on a database of correction factors and not using any RAW-embedded lensatic correction other than the lookup factors. I use CR3’s and my 5.9 ARM mac build still doesn’t read any metadata from them, but otherwise working a-ok with threads=2 in the options.