Bulk apply just color science v6 in Filmic

I find color science v6 (2022) very nice in filmic rgb (Darktable master), so much that I want to apply it to a bunch of images I edited with a previous version without clicking through the options individually for each one in the darkroom.

Is this possible with a style if I just include filmic rgb, or would it apply all other parameters of that module?

You can’t just selectively apply parts of a module unfortunately (as far as I know).

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I use a style to set up my edits initially. I’ve noticed that where previously I set a “mid tones saturation” for filmic before V6, the value now gets applied in V6 to “extreme luminance saturation”. This also happens using older XMPs. As these two parameters are rather different, I think (other things being equal) the older value should not map onto the new control.

I think it’s usually safer to just press reset and start again.

I didn’t lookin the database and I would not say this is the best thing to do but you could script something if you have a ton of images that you want to convert…back up everything of course and try on a test subset…but you could edit the database perhaps …I didn’t look there but I think in the xmp version 5 could be changed to version 6…the question is will this not likely change most of your edits enough that you have to retweak filmic anyway??

From an xmp with filmic added…


EDIT : Modversion was the same for v5 and v6 so this won’t help anyway even if you were to do it…this must refer to some other property

changing modversion doesn’t change the parameters of an edit since darktable don’t break old edits.

Thanks for the answers. Is this something that could be done with LUA scripts?

But, as it can change the appearance of the image, do you really want to apply it in bulk?
I usually try to get the result I want with the tools available, so I’ll want to review any change to be made,
even if the new tool gives better/easier results when used in a new edit.

Unless of course you tested the change already on a bunch of your older edits, and all ended up identical or better.

Even then I’d wait until the change is in a stable version (i.e. dt 4.0): you can still get changes in any of the 3.9 modules (in theory at least, no idea if that could be relevant in practice). Anyway, those old edits won’t go away…