Bunny Illustration

ref: https://pixabay.com/photos/rabbit-cute-portrait-rodent-small-3111627/

Sometimes lines alone are not enough. :slight_smile:



You’re really finding some great subjects for this effect!

Ditto, and great effects enhance the image. Would love to know the process.

Appreciate the workds, paperdigits/afre.

The flow this time was to still aniso smooth (separate copy) the original, then the twist is to invert and run stencil then re-invert back; this makes it stringy darks on white background as to the default black (could have just don’t transparency, but this process also kept the white background from getting too noisy). I then grain merged this result on the original and dithered the result. I then followed with G’MIC stamp which darkened the overal result to my liking and further cleaned the hairs, if you will, with some anti-aliasing. :slight_smile:

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Very nice. I’m a sucker for a bunny!

oh wow great effect

Thanks, Anna. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the belated reply and glad that you are such a sucker, Kadsura. lol