Butterfly / dandelions

I liked the orange and yellow. Tricky to isolate them


My edit (DT4.2):
DSC08916.ARW.xmp (13.8 KB)
DSC08916.ARW (24.1 MB)

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dt 4.2: only filmic and color balance rgb on top of your crop

DSC08916_01.ARW.xmp (6,3 KB)

My version…

DSC08916.ARW.xmp (21.6 KB)


My approach was to darken the greens and also shift them towards blue a bit. Mostly done in color calibratation.

DSC08916(1).ARW.xmp (20.4 KB)


Thanks for the play raw, @akgt94!
Here is another way of developing Madame Butterfly,
while at the same time re-educating myself in using RawTherapee.

My greatest difficulty was how to make the innards of the flower
a bit more visible (local adjustments came to rescue).

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden


My take …

DSC08916.ARW.xmp (19.6 KB)

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My play in GIMP. Adjustments using the channel mixer followed by local adjustments of contrast and brightness using my equal luminosity plug-in.

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Nice butterfly. My take overcooking colors and tones.
In Darktable 4.2.

DSC08916.ARW.xmp (13.9 KB)


It’s funny. I’ve been experimenting with using the A7iv profile for my A7ii images because doing this I seem to get a better starting point and in this case I feel the same way. The A7iv standard profile already gives the butterfly a less greenish color. The rest was done by adjusting ab curves (pushing greens/magentas, lowering yellows).

RT5.9 (with A7m4 Standard DCP)

Edit: forgot the pp3…
DSC08916.jpg.out.pp3 (14.8 KB)


Nice! My edit:

DSC08916.ARW.xmp (14.6 KB)


DSC08916.ARW.xmp (9.3 KB)

My fun in GIMP

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