buying advice: off camera flash

I would like to get a flash for my Panasonic GX9 that I can use off-camera. I figured out that I probably need a radio transmitter + a receiver + a flash (or a flash that has a built-in receiver), but beyond that I am lost in the sea of terminology (TTL, HSS, do I need any of that?).

And of course I would like to have the possibility of using the flash on the camera, so that I carry only a single one.

I am new to flash photography, any advice would be appreciated, but the best would be specific product recommendations.

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For my Olympus E-M10 and E-M1 (both Mark II) I use a Godox TT350o flash and X1t trigger, these work perfectly for me, both on and off camera. Note that Godox makes devices for different camera systems so make sure to buy the flash and trigger for the Olympus/Panasonic system.

Based on several reviews I read Godox seems to make good flashes and triggers for a reasonable price.


Morning, @Tamas_Papp!

I fully agree with @IJskegel.
For my Fuji X-system, I use an XPro trigger, one V860II flash,
and one TT350 flash, all Godox.

They are a few years old, so most certainly there are more modern models
available nowadays. The system works fine, on camera as well as off camera.
As Patrick wrote: ensure that you get a system that works for your Oly/Panasonic.

Do you “need” TTL, HSS…?
I use TTL very much, but hardly the HSS ability. What you “need” is of course
up to you, but those features are built into those Godox.

Where to learn more?
The Strobists is always a good start: Strobist: Lighting 101: Introduction

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden


My only input is that I have a Neewer system, with the CT-16 receivers and the basic (not sure of model) trigger.
This doesn’t do anything like TTL - it’s purely a trigger, which is what I wanted as my two speedlights are manual too.

It worked fine, but the range is borderline for what I want it for, shooting motorsport at night which needs a range of at least 50m, even when potentially blocked by vehicles. The result of that was that I pulled the trigger and a receiver apart to try to improve the antennas… but unfortunately the sum of my efforts was to make things worse :crazy_face:

At least it was cheap!
Considering getting something better one day… but it did work great in an indoors or studio setting.

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I would suggest also the Godox line of strobes/flashes.

I have/use the Godox 685N (for Nikon) and also have as a backup the sb700 of Nikon as well.

As far as the TTL mode you might end up using it in manual mode but it is a good feature to have overall.


As a side note, I’m not sure if it applies but you could probably get by triggering the off camera flash with the GX9 built in flash. Just food for thought, I’m not sure how those systems work in non indoor situations, or situations with many photogs. I’ve done this with an x100v and the godox flash I use (Not sure the model atm but it’s one of those cheap sub 100€ ones)


I can recommend the Godox V860 too. It now seems to be at Mk III, with some improvements over my Mk II.
It can do all that you need from a speedlight and what you may need in the future. The special thing about it is the rechargeable Li-ion battery, which lasts for ages on one charge and frees you from the need to endlessly buy AA-cells.

I have the Nikon version and can trigger it off-camera with the built-in flash on the camera. If you want something more sophisticated, you can go for a wireless trigger, like the X2 or the Xpro that also work without direct line of sight between the camera and the speedlight.


More of interest: Joe McNally Explains Softbox Grids and How To Gel Your Flash | Fstoppers

Also: search for Godox on youtube, and you will find a trillion vids.

For God’s sake ignore me, but I bought this dinky wireless flash and, tbh, have barely used it. It snaps on to a mini transmitter on the hotshoe so you can easily use it on and off camera. Having said that, I think you have to set the level manually. I bought it after watching this video, so consider me influenced. I’ll be interested in what other people suggest.


Gadgets are always great fun.
If you need more light, check this: ulanzi L2 cute at DuckDuckGo
Look at all the accessories!

Indeed they are, but I mostly take photos when I travel so keeping my camera bag light (or at least manageable) is a priority. The Godox looks compact enough… but like @TonyBarrett I rarely ever use a flash. I don’t know if this is because I don’t have one (other than the camera provides), or I don’t need it. Looking at the pages you kindly linked suggests that it could greatly improve some photos, even in daylight.

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I definitely will add to the people who are quite happy with Godox (also sold in the US under Adorama’s Flashpoint store brand).

One exception: Their receiver to allow non-wireless Sony TTL flashes with their transmitters (X1R-S) is useless. Assume it won’t work. You sadly need to have a Godox-only system if you want anything but a dumb flash for your non-Godox slaves.

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All this talk of Godox flashes reminds me: I really must take mine out the box and actually use it one day. LOL.


I have a hahnel wireless flash which is difficult to get working, I think manual flash is fine and in some ways easier to work with, I have a small Kenro unit as well which I used on-camera last week at the local fun fair with good results with my GX80, you can also use any cheap flash with an optical slave mode, I don’t think panasonics have a “flash commander” setting like Fuji, but you can use a low power flash output (if it has a built in flash) to trigger other flashes off camera, I took some other pics like this at the fair with my XF10 compact, ISO400, 1/50 etc

also don’t forget cables, can also be good