CA correction issue

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Yep. It desaturates the image and may cause slight colour shifts. Noise reduction is similarly tricky to use. I now try to be minimalist with the applied modules and only use required ones.


Thank you, didn’t know. So once you’ll commit the lensfun ca improvement i’ll try to use it and i’ll profile some lens i haven’t yet profiled.

Would be nice to add what you wrote in the rawpedia page:


@agriggio if you want I build ca-correction-before-distortion for W64, could you merge dev into it?


Now I remember! Loss of saturation and color shift is exactly the reason why I stopped using automatic CA correction.

agriggio, as I understand that you are the developer of this function, do you plan to develop a fix for this problem? If so, how can I be warned when it is ready, so that I can test it?

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I’ll reply here when (and if) the branch gets merged into dev. but just to clarify, I have nothing to do with the auto ca correction in raw, I have never looked at that code, so if you were talking about that, I’m afraid I won’t be of any help…


I’ve tried to see what happens with darktable 2.4.4 . Seems to me there is a similar problem.

On the left auto ca, on the right lensfun ca.