Calibration issue master bias NOT USING OFFSET:

NOT USING OFFSET: number of channels is different 09:04:12: Some errors have been detected.

I used older version Siril and I have never issues with calibration, but now? I don’t know why get this weird error.

My master bias created with this way:

  1. No debayer
  2. No normalisation
  3. Median stacking

btw: Options “keep three channels” doesn’t included in latest version.

How to avoid that error?

The answer is in the log.
Number of channel is different.

You cannot subtract one channel offset to three channel image or the opposite.

I know that, that’s why I wonder why latest Siril doesn’t have “keep three channels” option.

I don’t know how to control how many channels I use.

Because this function was not working as you probably think. And in fact it was totally deprecated.

In normal use you don’t have to care. Your image must be in single channel CFA mode.
If not, and you did not check debayer, it is too late. That means your images are already debayered. Probably during capture.

Okay tutorials doesn’t use debayer for bias, but okay. So i need conversion with debayer for bias frames? And after that stack all to build master bias?

I thought no debayer was used to create the bias.

For sure. We do not debayer bias, darks or flat. Never.
The problem is probably in your lights.

Okay, I used raw from my smartphone (OnePlus6) and i successfully calibrated images in 2020, it probably changed something.

I’ll try images from DSLR.

Previsous version of siril was not stopping on this error, but the BIAS was not used neither.

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Okay, thank you. Good to know, so it looks like main issues is raw from my smartphone.

I hope evertyhing will be okay if i try with Nikon D750.

you can share a RAW if you want.

Okay, are you okay with Google drive sharing?


Here is my files.

Frames have small moon in the middle. (I just curious what can be done with smartphone) :smiley:

Image can be opened in CFA mode. So no problem on this side.

Okay i doing something wrong when i creating bias.

Please do you have any great tutorial how to create bias frames and calibrate light frames with bias in Siril? I still don’t know what’s wrong on my side and I want to see someone who actually know how to do it.


Our tutorials are on our website.

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