Call for help

In this thread we discussed how to help Hugin and to improve the panorama software situation at all.

My target is to improve I’ve just got an account an already edited the Gimp page and made some other small changes.

I now need some help to test if the plug-ins that are listed there still exist and work with Gimp 2.10.
Do other panorama plug-ins exist, that are missing there.
@David_Tschumperle Has g’mic filter for panorama editing and do you have a documentation how to use them?

Are there any other pages that needs fixing there?


A side note, GEGL has a spherical 360° panorama editor available in GIMP now, too.

I don’t have the time to sift through it yet, but as soon as I do I’ll start helping where I can.

@patdavid 1. Yes, I added a comment about GEGL panorama op.
@patdavid 2. Could you perhaps save the last version from the phfluuh plug-in to the GitHub repository?

You can find a tar file here:

No problem, I can push it (I can also get you push access to any of the pixls repos if you’d like).

Not sure which repo makes the most sense to move it into. @paperdigits any thoughts? These are plugin for GIMP that need to be compiled.

Maybe here?


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@Tobias - it’s here now:

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I can also get you push access to any of the pixls repos if you’d like

Yes, please do. My GitHub username is “supertobi”.

OMG, I rely on Autopano Giga for my business every day. It seems if I ever move to a newer camera I’m doomed. And I wanted to move to Canon EOS R as early as next month :’(

I update a lot of the pages.

But I don’t have enough knowledge to make this page up to date.

  • I already updated the “Software overview”.
  • Krita is compleatly missin on that page
  • GIMP is compleatly missin on that page
  • All other tools need to be checked if the information are still right.

@HIRAM Perhaps you can look at LuminanceHDR.
@BzKevin I know you are using Photoshop, perhaps you can look into that.

If you don’t liketo create an account you can even post the things to change here and I’ll to it for you.

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HDRMerge is missing from the list.

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@Morgan_Hardwood thanks I now added HDRMerge, GIMP and Krita to the first list (Software overview).

I haven’t done a ton of HDR in Photoshop (mostly use enfuse and HDRMerge), but when I get a chance I’ll take some time to play with it a bit and update accordingly.