Call to share RAWs of photos of ZX Spectrum and other old PCs


Does anyone own a ZX Spectrum or another old PC?
Could you share a raw for us to play with by chance?

I think @David_Tschumperle has something like this. I don’t, but I could stimulate it.

My dad has an IMSAI 8080. Does that count as an old PC?

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IMSAI 8080 was about the first one I saw in real life.
Never owned one, though. A few years later ABC80 arrived
(a Swedish build, based on Z80), and with that I was sold.

Sinclair? Somewhere I still have his first (?) RPN calculator,
the Sinclair Scientific, but can it be called a PC? Er, no.
Neither can my HP 41CV, even if it could do a lot of things…

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

I have a Nascom II and an Amstrad PPC640. Is that any good? I can’t take photos for a week or so.

@snibgo @CarVac I say any old PC like the ones you mentioned will help. Thanks in advance!