Calling out for FOSS photographers to join me, watch progress or share your thoughts with PIXLS.US

Howdy folks,

I’ve recently enrolled in a year long photography course in my hometown of Canberra, Australia and I’m going to share my progress with the wonderful people here on PIXLS.US and on my personal website.

The general overview of the course being offered at PhotoAccess can be found here –>here<–

I recently attended the introductory session which was primary a meet and greet, an explanation of key dates and what to expect / what is expected of the artists and the organisation.

There are no rules, only an exhibition date of 20 September 2018 when work needs to be on the wall in the Huw Davies gallery here in Canberra. Deadlines are great motivators.

The main objective of this post is to invite people using free and open source photography software to join me in an online capacity along this journey of learning, creating and reflecting on yourself and the pictures you make.

The lose idea for those who wish to come for the ride (with a view to improve/change/adjust as required) is that I’ll share the overall themes discussed at the bi-monthly meetings here on the forum which will hopefully promote further discussion, collaboration and to assist with creating the path in which we’ll tread together.

I encourage any suggestions, requests, criticisms as this is a first for me too and I want it to be of use or at least interesting for people.

The majority of my post-processing will be with Darktable and GIMP on a laptop running Linux.

So if you wish to follow along, are looking to develop new skills or just be witness to a long-form photography project then watch this space.