Camera and lens are not recognized


I recently got a Canon R50 with the Tamron 18-400mm F/3.5-6.3 Di II VC HLD (with EF-EOS R adapter). Quickly I loaded a RAW file into Darktable to see if it recognizes everything, unfortunately this appears not to be the case.

If I understood correctly, by sending a RAW file I can help you recognize my camera. If that is correct I would like to hear where I can send it, otherwise I would like to hear about it.

With recognizing my lens, Tamron customer service told me that if it is on Lensfun it should also be recognized. On Lensfus my lens can be found and it says it is fully recognized. I did read somewhere that when you use an adapter, you have to add it manually. I did not understand how and where to do that and would like to hear how this works exactly.

Hello and welcome. You need not have guessed, as camera support is described here:

On that page you find links to eventually take you to Getting new cameras to work with darktable.


Your camera model is new. For CR3 files darktable uses LibRaw and not Rawspeed, so you will need to wait for next version around Christmas.

When you see your camera name here, then it is supported with color matrix and the right border crop.

What you can do meanwhile is to upload free sample CR3 files to including RAW and cRAW.

More details here Canon R8 Support · Issue #14549 · darktable-org/darktable · GitHub

And here Canon EOS R50 Noise Profile · Issue #14574 · darktable-org/darktable · GitHub

With that said darktable opens R50 raw files, but with wrong color matrix and wrong crop.
144px crop from left side, 40px crop top and 0px crop right seem to be better than 168px, 52px and 24px. You will see the full image if you go to the module raw black/white point and in the hamburger menu click passthrough.

About Lensfun then. No one has added your camera there. It is really a simple task. You need to create the following:

        <model>Canon EOS R50</model>
        <model lang="en">EOS R50</model>
        <mount>Canon RF</mount>

Use your OS search feature to find mil-canon.xml


P.S. That list is most likely out of date


Thanks. I stand corrected.

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Thanks for the explanation and help.