Camera DCP Creation

I recently acquired an X-RIte ColorChecker Passport Photo 2 with the intention of shooting 6 Raw files with dual illuminant (3xStda + 3xD50/D65) and posting these in Filebin for future versions of RT Appimage after Ver 5.6, which I currently use. My camera is a Fujifilm X-T2

As a parallel exercise I thought I might try making my own DCP just to learn something about the procedure.

However, while reading the Rawpedia subject matter I noticed that the link to Dcamprof is now defunct and it appears that Dcamprof has now been replaced by a GUI version in 3 flavors named “Lumariver”

The basic and least expensive flavor of “Lumariver” appears to offer full DCP creation, which is all I really require. Does anyone have any thoughts on this, or experience of using it?

Oh, sadness… dcamprof.html by itself is a worthwhile read; I regularly bring it up to do just that.

I just frantically went looking to see if I still had a copy; yes, 1.0.5, whew. Anders posted it with the GPL 3.0 license, so it’s okay to compile your own, and even develop it further, as long as the license strictures are met. I can’t find anything that intimates what Anders has in mind for dcamprof, so I’m reticent to fork it until I know that it’s not just a web server problem or something of that sort.

I have experimented with dcamprof to produce camera profiles for special situations, specifically handling extreme blues from theatrical accent lights. Actually the thing that worked best in all that was to apply Anders advice to my regular Argyll-generated ICC profile, scooching the blue Y primary down a bit. I did this with dcamprof; I generated a JSON file from my ICC file using dcamprof, edited it by hand, then generated a ICC file from the modified JSON with dcamprof. Yes, a bit convoluted, but my software doesn’t do DCP, yet…

From what I’ve read about Lumariver, most of it is about offering more-intuitive GUI controls for dcamprof command line switches. I’d surmise if you’re just creating target-shot camera profiles, not doing subjective look “pet-tricks”, the basic Lumariver will do what you need.

Thank you @ggbutcher for your helpful response and I fully understand your reluctance to fork Dcamprof

This is all new to me but I’m keen to carry on - just “for the hell of it”
I will wait for a while to see if the server responds to the Dcamprof link. Otherwise I will get a Lumariver Basic licence which is not overly expensive and probably better suited to my limited expertise.

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Me too, about 3 years ago. I still am more of a “mechanic” than “practitioner”; when it comes to color, my hack software stands on works of giants like Marti Maria (LittleCMS library), @gwgill (Argyll CMS) and Anders Torger (dcamprof). Indeed, my plan is to study dcamprof source to implement my DCP handling…

“for the hell of it” is still a very good reason to learn. In experimenting with color with all these tools, I made a lot of really bad renditions. But, when I made a good one, inspecting the toolchain it took to get there has been my most poignant learning.

There is a fork :slight_smile:


I updated the link.

DCamProf has not been replaced. Lumariver Profile Designer is built by the same person + others, and it’s the commercial offspring, with more features and a friendly GUI.

Lumariver Profile Designer is great.

Many thanks @Morgan_Hardwood for updating the Rawpedia link to “Dcamprof”
Reassured to see your approval of “Lumariver” as well

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Many thanks @heckflosse for pointing me to Github location of “Dcamprof”

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