Camera model missing in the lens correction menu


(Peter Krause) #1

I am using RT 5.3 with Kubuntu 17.10. My camaera is a Fujifilm X-T10. However, in the camera correction menu the Fujifilm camera selection list ends with the X-T1 model, although there is a Fujifil X-T10.dcp file to be found in /usr/share/rawtherapee/dcprofiles. How can I make my camera model selectable for lens correction? The lens model, however is detected correctly.

(Morgan Hardwood) #2

DCP profiles are completely unrelated to profiled lens correction. The latter comes from a project called lensfun, and your package manager installed lensfun when you installed RawTherapee. You can run lensfun-update-data to update your local lensfun database, maybe support for the X-T10 had been added.

(Peter Krause) #3

Thanks very much for your fast reply. indeed, the update was the solution. The X-T10 is now available. :smile: