Cameras Supported?

Just wondering if the Pentax k3-2 is supported by RawTherapee?

Pentax K-3 II is supported, though there is no dcp for this camera yet. Pixelshift is supported for this cam.

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Then I will be able to load pentax raw images?

Yes, you should be.

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So for someone who is still getting up to speed with your codebase:

“no DCP” means “no tone curve to match camera JPEG tone curve” or “no color matrix”? I see that the original K-3 is in camconst.json but not the II, but the II does have a color matrix in

(The color matrix, IMO, being FAR more important)

Will this ever be addressed? Is it worth using this software, or would Darktable be a better choice?

Neither one or the other. It means that no DCP was created by Rt team or user and shipped with Rawtherapee. In this case, auto-matched camera profile is inactive.
Auto-matched Tone curve is a function available if an embedde jpeg is available
color matrix from dcraw or camconst.json (if it exists) is used if camera standard is selected

At the momoent, no specific issue is raised, so:

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And it could help if you provided a test raw photo with applicable license as License: CC-BY-SA

@Entropy512 see this, and shoot if you still have questions:

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@Tony3d do you have (access to) a color target?

Is Nikon Z6 supported by RT 5.7 (or latest dev code)? I see that the Auto-Matched Camera Profile option is grayed out for images from that camera. OTOH ART (RT fork by agriggio) has that profile enabled and it works.