Can I change the color of water?

Hey there. New poster here so hope I’m doing this right. I’m trying to figure out if and how I can change the color of water in an image. It’s water from a waterfall that was dyed and they didn’t like how the color ended up. Would love to change it to a more neutral clear color if I can. Any help? Thanks!!

Once you are happy with the selected area, just use desaturat.

  • Use a color selection, perhaps using one of the color channels as the criterion instead of the default Composite (the purpose of this is to not desaturate the green leaves later, so either select whatever if very blue, or don’t select whatever is very green).
  • You can also intersect that with an area selection (free hand)
  • Desaturate and brighten the selection (or use one of the color-shifting tools)

Many people here can make more workable suggestions if they can try things on the original picture, so it is always best to attach the original picture (or a relevant cropped area, at 100% size) instead of photo of your screen (where colors are damaged by the screen and the post-processing in the smartphone). And in the case where you need to show the UI in addition to the picture, there are many ways to take pixel-accurate screenshots of your PC (starting with File > Create> Screenshot in Gimp itself).