Can I get CLI command log that matches actions in the GUI?

I mostly use Siril interactively, but for reproducibility of processing pipelines I would like to preserve detailed information about the processing steps performed. The console log is helpful in capturing the outputs of commands, but is there a way to capture the input?

For example, if I’m cropping, I’d like the crop coordinates and associated equivalent CLI command to be reflected in the log. Likewise, when I’m applying photometric calibration, I’d like the log to reflect the RA/Dec values I’m putting into the GUI dialog box and, again, provide a command that I can the re-run.

Can this be done with Siril or do I just have to carefully take notes about the steps I’m performing?

No Siril doesn’t do the examples you gave, but for other operations, we tried improving that in version 1.2 and some will write in the log the input parameters and also the operation and its parameters will be stored in the FITS HISTORY lines.
For selection, you’ll be able to use the boxselect command to print the current selection and reuse the same format to make the same selection.

Have you tried the tee command? Works with linux
siril-cli -d . -s script.ssf | tee log.txt

Hello, this just saves the log, you can also do that from the GUI.