Can I increase RawTherapee jpeg quality

PC220958_cr.tif (824.4 KB) PC220958_JPG_cr.tif (854.5 KB)

The first two images were procedded raw images exported as jpegs. The second was at 96% High quality selected.

The 3rd image is a screen grab from the raw image open in RT

The 4th images (2nd best) is the the camera jpg edited and resaved as a jpg (never raw).

My question is - how do I get RT to save high quality jpeg?

The image is 100% crop froman OMD EM5 with a samyang 7.5mm lens (sharpness as expected).


What is it you don’t like in the JPEG export exactly?

Dumb question: have you already tried exporting at 100% High Quality? I don’t think it will make any difference, but maybe it’s worth checking it.

Well, the 1st image uses jpeg quality 79 an subsampling 2x2, the second one 95% and subsampling off. But I think there were also different processing parameters in use, or is this wrong?
I use to use 96% and subsampling off for exports, which sure does not look better than 95%. 100% would only unnecessarily bloat the output size IMHO.

Additionally you might consider to apply a bit more sharpening to the exports. In the EXIF I see you are using RT 5.6. Better try with the latest dev build of 5.8, where the great “Capture Sharpening” tool is implemented.

Proposal: upload a RAW to PlayRaw section and see what others do with it. I learned a lot there!


There is more going on than a different export parameters. The colors of the first two images are quite different. That’s not due to the export parameters. Please, take exactly the same raw edit for export and tell as where you see problems.

Thanks all for suggestions. I haved placed two crops on a website.

I find the camera jpb with edits more pleasing than the RT jpeg output.

Please share the sidecars *.pp3 of images developed by RT and specify which RT version you are using.