Can I use Raw Therapee with Lumix .RAW2 images?


Thanks for the explanations. As Chasing Shadows predicted a .pp3 file has appeared when I opened a .RAW2 file from Downloads. However, when I open a .RAW2 file from other locations, eg. a new folder on Desktop, and then close RT there is no .pp3 file. How can it work from Downloads but not elsewhere?
Anyway, here’s the .pp3 file I have found:
_1010752.RW2.pp3 (11.2 KB)

(Karlheinz Lehmann) #22

Now try to save a jpeg or a tiff from the raw in downloads …I guess it will work then .,.

If I’m right your original problem is, that the pp3 couldn’t be saved …


Yes. A .jpg and .pp3 were saved in Downloads. Thanks.
Any idea why .pp3’s are not being saved elsewhere, in folders where I want them?


Nice catch, Karlheinz!

Now, why did everything work just fine here?
It could be because I installed RT as an admin.

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

(Karlheinz Lehmann) #26

There are two things related to “ProgrammData” … it is hidden and it is protected. , and you didn’t put your raw files there …

(Karlheinz Lehmann) #27

Well, please try to save your jpeg somewhere on the desktop and keep your raw (and pp3) in downloads. I guess it will work


Is there no way I can grant permission for pp3’s to be saved in normal folders? I don’t fancy moving all my old RAW files to my C: drive just so that I can use RT.
PS. This is a 64bit computer. I am administrator.

(Karlheinz Lehmann) #29

I think your problem is that ProgrammData is a protected folder which is not meant to store any kind of user data. It is used by a program to save system data files there wich can be updated independent from the program itself. Create a folder like C:\RAW and some additional structure like date and put your raw files there … I’m pretty sure then everything works as expected.

BTW, If Adobe updates the folder all your raws might be gone. I wouldn’t take that risk …


Yes, it works in the new folder you suggest. That’s good.
I also seem to be able to save with .pp3 files successfully to another drive, as I wish, but only in certain places on that drive.
I do not understand the term “ProgrammData”. Is the problem that the folders I was using to store Image files were originally created by Adobe Bridge?

(Karlheinz Lehmann) #31

The folder you mentioned earlier “Adobe Camera Raw” is created by Adobe in a hidden and protected system folder called “ProgramData” and it is meant to handle system files provided by Adobe and not any user files. Whenever Adobe thinks that it wants to install new/updated content they might delete the folder upfront. So if you still have all your raw files you are really lucky …

(Karlheinz Lehmann) #32

What do you mean with “only in certain places”? A lot of folders (to be exact most folders) on drive C: belong either Microsoft or any software vendor. And these folders are all protected. I’m pretty sure the folders you are talking about ask for administrative privilege when you put something in manually.

Whenever the systems asks that, please do the following:

  • Stop whatever you are doing
  • Switch the brain on and carefully rethink
  • Choose a proper location for the things you are trying to save


Regarding ProgramData , Microsoft indicates that “this folder is used for application data that is not user specific”.

So I should add: never store your valuable data here as it is managed as the app developper decided.

The same holds also for C:\users<username>\Appdata…

Also for security sake, unless required, don’t log under administrator account but under standard account for usual work as with RT.

(Morgan Hardwood) #34

@Campbells reinstall RawTherapee, this time do it as an administrator, so right-click on the RawTherapee installer and select “Run as administrator”. Now you can save anywhere.


Thanks Everyone. That’s clearer now. I seem to be able to save without problems to a folder “G:/Lumix”. I will use that for photos from my new camera, and consider what to do about the older ones. I have them all backed up on an external drive, and on BT Cloud, so I don’t feel in danger of losing them. However, I do rely on Bridge to organize them for me, and I don’t really want to have to tag them all again to a different location.

I tried your idea Morgan_Hardwood. It didn’t work on my system, I’m afraid.


Oh? That was surprising. This is what Morgan means:

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden


I’m afraid it is the case. I have twice reinstalled RT as instructed, using “Run as Administrator” but I am still unable to Save within my “old” file. Life is full of surprises, I find, especially when I come to using computers.


Oh! I’ve just remembered something that occurred when I installed RT. I do hope it’s not important to our discussion, or I shall feel a real fool for not mentioning it before.
Just before the completion of the installation, on each of the three times I have now installed the programme, there was an error message reading “IPersistFile::Save failed: code 0x80070005 Access Denied”. I just ignored the message and the installation appeared to complete immediately.
Sorry. I should have reported it earlier.


@Campbells I finally found time to test your raw file. Both RT and the file are on a different partition than the OS. Same partition but different folder.

  1. I opened the raw and applied a profile (auto-match low iso).
  2. I saved the result in TIF (float) and got this message.
  3. The saving was still happening though, so I decided to wait.
  4. Profit!!! :palm_tree::sunny:

(Ted Cousins) #40

“I saved the result in TIF (float) and got this message.
image TIFFOpenW error”

I get that from TIFFs created by my Sigma raw converter. I just ignore it; as you say, it saves anyway.



Yes. I get an error message for TIFs too, but they seem to save OK.