Can Natron use image layers from Darktable or Gimp?

I am not sure if this was the best place to post…

I have image sequences that I will use in Cinelerra (video editor) imported as image lists . I will export Tiff files with layers from Darkroom. Unfortunately Cinelerra seems to not be able to read the layers which would be handy as my parametric masks that I created to separate my subject from the background, could be used for furthur compositing or chromakey.

I have not worked with Natron yet, and it is not clear if it can read the layers as can be done with image editors such as Gimp or Krita. Wonder if even Blender has that capacity to import and read layers.

If not, would it be wise to re-edit the background from the parametric mask in RGB Balance module to something as close to black and leave the foreground subject intact? I’m still quite new to compositing…

Yes, Natron support layers.