Can not find menu entries for operators to combine shapes in mask manager

I’m unable to find the menu entries for setting operators (union, intersection, difference…) in dt 3.6.1 mask manager. Quite sure they where there in 3.6.0 or at least in 3.4.x.

Right-click on group shows:
Screenshot 2021-10-04 154316

Right-click on a shape:
Screenshot 2021-10-04 154248

I checked it in at least two different installations on Windows and Linux (Ubuntu).
Anyone else got this problem? Am I doing something wrong?

It’s still there in 3.6.1. You need to right-click on the second, third, fourth (etc.) shape in a group in order to define how it combines with the previous shape in that group.


See the user manual for more details.

Thanks @elstoc for the quick reply. That’s what I try to do but I don’t get the correct selections even if I right-click on the second or third shape in the group - and it seems they are not nested as in your screenshot. As you can see I neither get an option to move them up/down nor the mode options:

Screenshot 2021-10-04 155712
Screenshot 2021-10-04 155900

Hmmm I’m beginning to doubt about my skills…

You’re not within the group there. You need to expand the “grp exposure 1” group and then click on the shapes from there.

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@elstoc - Thank you! That’s it. Now it works!
That’s kinda tricky. I read the manual several times without success - but that detail is hard to describe.

Anyway - “problem” solved, Thank you!

I changed the blog post title to avoid misleading anyone - there was no bug in darktable, just a lack of skills on my side.