Can RPD filter out jpgs on import

Enjoying using your software very much. I often shoot jpgs and raws, but only want to download raws to my PC. Any way to set up the program to not download jpgs without unchecking them one by one?

First, sort them, as explained in the the documentation Rapid Photo Downloader: Documentation

From the documentation itself:

Thumbnails can be sorted using a variety of criteria . . . Extension: the filename’s extension. You can use this to group JPEG and RAW images, for instance.

Then uncheck (remove the checkmark) them as a group Rapid Photo Downloader: Documentation

You can simultaneously apply a checkmark to multiple files — there is no need to manually place or remove a checkmark for each file. There are several ways to check and uncheck multiple files. The first is select the thumbnails . . .

Once the thumbnails have been selected, check or uncheck one of the files you have selected. This will affect all of the selected files

If you have any further questions, and the documentation is not clear or is incomplete, please let me know and I’ll try to make it better.

Thanks Damon, I’ll give that a try on my next upload. Appreciate your getting back to me so quickly.