Can two separate narrow band filtered captures be combined in Siril using 1.2.0 version?

I have the pair of NB Askar filters; D1 and D2. D1 isolates Ha and OIII and D2 S2 and OIII…
Siril will allow me to extract the different images and I guess that can recomposed?
Is there anyway to just add the “unextracted” images together and treat them as if they were a triad type filter?

Hello, you can recompose a color image with narrow band stacks, but that’s not a “just add”, when learning at least. To help, we’ve written a long explanation on how to do this generically, I trust it will help you: Siril - RGB composition

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Vinvin, TY. Let me read it and see what I can learn. At 80 yo, I’m a little slower than you LOL…

This is the technique I normally used in the past and is my fallback method of creating SHO, etc. type images. Looks like you updated some of it with 1.2. Again, TY.

yes it contains much more explanations on different cases and ways to achieve a color composition. For your case where you have twice the OIII extraction, you should process Ha, SII and OIII separately, with the OIII being the union of the first and second OIII image sets. If file names conflict, you can use the siril conversion functions to change the index in the file name. Good luck!

Vin, Thank you.

Deep Sky Astro recently released his method of making a SHO palette. He used PixelMath method; not RBG Recomposition? I asked him and he said he got better results? Again, I’m over my head in the many ways things can get done. Sorry, if shows a complete misunderstanding of the principles of this hobby.

Would OIII 1 and OIII 2 be combined with Pixel Math? or would you combine in RBG composition with those two being 2 entries using half red twice ? Thanks

I just started rereading the tutorial and I see that you basically answered comments 5 & 7 above. That there are 2 methods with different constraints. Sorry, for the redundancy.