Can vector masks be combined in a single module?

I don´t know if this is possible working with masks in darktable, if not, will be a plus to work better.

I’m trying to create some masks to work with, but I don´t see any option to combine vector masks in a single module in different ways like:


Here is an example

and I like to do something like this

in this particular case. a (mouth+left_eye+right_eye) - b (face)

I’m thinking that maybe for usual shapes like faces in portraits will be an addition to create personalized shapes and storage them like presets that later can be applied to a particular image, correct the vector nodes and work with it.

Please if someone know another way to do that it is welcome.

I do believe that you are looking for this: mask manager (especially the set operators).

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thanks it’s so hide I even saw this icon.

a raster mask ist just a reuse of the mask of another module - so you can’t do these operations on a raster mask. You need to do this on the source for the used raster mask.

I did the change. but it wasn´t to intuitive. thanks fot the tip.