Can you edit JPEGS in Raw Therapee

Can JPEGS be edited in Raw THerapee

Hi @ShellyC welcome! Yes, you can edit jpgs.

In Preferences → File Browser check these items:

Thank you, I am new to RT and cannot find how to get preference window. Also, how do I clear all info to get starting window?

There’s a “three slider” (i.e., equalizer) icon that’s by default shown in the lower left corner, I believe. That will pop up the Preferences dialog.

2022-08-24 18_09_28-Clipboard

What do you mean by that?

Are there any tutorials on how to do this?

There are no JPG related tutorials/videos.

RawTherapee is inherently a RAW editor and not a JPG editor. It can be used to do so but all the tools are geared toward the specifics and problems that are related to RAWs and not 8bit JPGs.

I would advise you to use GIMP or Krita to edit JPGs. Those are the better tool for this job.

If you understand German, jpg-Illuminator might be a tool for you. I use it for almost all of my jpg files. It is free, but not open source.

Welcome to the forum! I am not sure how this app is relevant to the discussion.