Can you spot the observers?

ref (yes; uprezzed it):

Yup; it’s that time of year once again. Believe I finally perfected making the circle swirl as well, but that would be up to you to agree or not. Anyway, click on the link for the hirez (so you can see them), unless you have eagle’s eyes. lol



That’s a red rag to a bull, or whatever other cliche you want to roll out. :grin:
Yes, of course I saw the observers … spoiler: top-left quadrant, left-most large circle.

Is this a genuine photo from a drone or other aerial platform?
Better question: what was in the original photo, and what was digital painting? :wink:

A very small crop circle with reference 3 color target ran through Resynthesizer, Martin. See link below for details (and the xcf target file; see this target {cc.xcf file}). :slight_smile:

Much Easier to FInd

OK; tried to address some of the pattern issues in the wheat by editing the target image (click here for new cc.xcf file). Still not perfect, but at least the observers are much easier to spot. lol