Cannot access full sensor dimensions on Fuji X-T30

I am using RawTherapee 5.8 with a new Fujifilm X-T30. The image dimensions seen by RT are significantly smaller than what is accessible in Darktable or even in the JPEGs processed by the camera, even if I set the demosaicing border to zero. The pixels seem to be cropped at the bottom only.

The dimensions are:

  • Darktable 6384x4182 [6384 seems wrong, there are certainly not 146 pixels more in width than in RT]
  • camera JPEG 6240x4160
  • RawTherapee 6238x4126, or 6252x4140 without borders.

Could it be a configuration problem because the sensor is recent? Is there a file I can modify to change this?

Don’t know if this is relevant, but @Morgan_Hardwood had posted something about this a while back:

I’m not sure why you’d be seeing the discrepancy you’re seeing as you describe it, though. Perhaps it’s due to the newness of the sensor as you’ve said.

Yes, I saw this message about discrepancies, but it should result in RawTherapee seeing more pixels than there are in the JPEG, not less.

I should have looked through the forum more before posting, the answer was already there. It’s a known bug that will hopefully be solved in RT 5.9.


Oh, good find! Glad you found that it’s known. :slight_smile:

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