Cannot find user defined processing profile in Settings / Image processing

I am using rawtherapee on a Mac Mini M1 running macos 12.4
Rawtherapee version : version 5.8-3065-g9c5ce0d9b

I can create a processing profile and save it in the default path /Users/hn/Library/Application Support/RawTherapee5-dev/config/profiles

If i save it for the second time i can see it is there in the save window.
And it asks me to overwrite, so it is there.

When i go to preferences > Image processing there is only (neutral) in the select box for raw photos.
I can not select the created profile.

I can select it at the top right of the screen in the processing profile selector/

If i open a terminal and go to /Users/hn/Library/Application Support/RawTherapee5-dev/config/profiles the directory is empty.

So where is it as rawtherapee sees it…

I installed Rawtherapee by downloading the zip from RawTherapee-dev Apple M1 𝛽-test , unzip it and double-click the dmg file.


Did you drag RT into the Applications folder?

Installing it by double-clicking on the .dmg file puts it in the Applications folder

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Found the problem.
If you are in full screen mode on this build on the Preferences > Image Processing tab the pulldown menu on the Default Processing Profile does not work.
I f you go out of full screen mode it works.
Now i can select my user defined profile in My profiles.

It works fine now.

Still when opening the directory /Users/hn/Library/Application Support/RawTherapee5-dev/config/profiles in Finder, it seems empty. But Rawtherapee sees the files now.

So problem solved !