cannot fully open gimp 2.10.12 without getting this message

I just recently downloaded 2.10.12 …and for some reason I keep getting this message 'The procedure entry point _gxx_personality_v0 could not be located in the dynamic link library - it also tells me where it should be located: C\Programs\gimp2\bin\libexiv2-12.dll (this last part may not be exact) - as long as I hit ‘okay’ gimp works fine, but why am I getting this?

Do you have an other ibexiv2*.dll somewhere on your system?

no, I don’t believe I do…I really have been digging around to make sure…so far, have not found it


to be honest, I’m still getting use to my larger pc (it’s now 4 tb hard-drive instead of just 1) and some things were moved around possibly (when the pc guys installed the 4tb)