Cannot import from Canon EOS 80D

(Claudio Mezzasalma) #1

Hello. I’m having hard times importing photos from my Canon EOS 80D. When I connect the camera, this is the File Browser panel on the left:


As you can see, I have “Canon Digital Camera” listed twice, but clicking on both of them just points to /, and the right panel is empty instead of showing the thumbnails. The camera is on and connected, and through other software I can browse it.

I’m currently running Manjaro 18.0.4. Can anyone point me somewhere please?

(Mica) #2

Don’t you want to copy the files off your SD card? RawTherapee won’t do that. Something like rapid photo downloaded will.

(Claudio Mezzasalma) #3

Oh, so there’s no way to import straight from the camera? My bad then, I took it for granted.