Cannot install on iMac (Big Sur)

HI, tried to download to my Mac, however it won’t let me open due to un verified source. Anyone else seen this and or know how to get around it.
Looking for some free stacking software.

It runs well on macOS big sur.

@rbarbera it is for you :wink:

Private message sent @Richardsharp. Until we have some oficial Signed & Notarized build, if some one needs access to the macOS beta’s on Big Sur, please, contact to me.

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On the other side. If you prefer to use one of the stable versions already published (recommended option) you can try to right click over the installed app and choose Open from the contextual menu. This should offer you the option to run the app (at least it worked this way until Catalina)



Indeed, my only concern is that dev version can be unstable (sometimes very unstable). When we use a dev version we must be aware of that and update software as soon as possible.

Thanks for all the comments