Cannot open .fit file shortcuts

I’m working on a project for which I prepare a new folder every day. I often use some of the original files over and over again, so to save disk space I decided to use shortcuts to these files in the day’s work folder. These shortcuts are named like the original ones (i.e.
I can drag and drop the shortcuts to Siril and they open as expected.
However, if I try to load them using “Open” on the main screen or “+” in pixelmath, Siril does not show these files for loading.
I know that Siril can use shortcuts for its processing and I haven’t found any complaints on the web about it, so maybe I’m missing something…

We need more information.

  • What is your OS?
  • What do you call shortcuts? Is this symbolic links? If this is windows shortcuts and not symlinks there’s no reason for it to work.

Sorry for the lack of info.
I am on Windows 11 with Siril 1.2.1
Shortcut is the name windows gives to a link to a file (“Create Shortcut”).

Thanks for your answer. You gave me the key to understand the problem.
I was not considering the difference between symlinks and windows shortcuts.
So, I understand Siril can not handle shortcuts.
Is this impossible/inconvenient and will ‘never’ happen?

What about using the windows mklink function?

Windows can use symlink in its developer mode. Just use it.

Yes, win11 symlinks work.
Easier way I found is using the “Link Shell Extension”.
Once installed, it creates a new option in the file and folder contextual menu pop-ups allowing an easy creation of soft and hard symlinks.
Siril reads them with no problem.
Hope this is useful for others

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