Cannot open large ARQ files made using make_ARQ script- GFX 100s

Firstly thanks to Alberto for the great scripts and software.

I’m close to being able to create amazing 400MP pixel shift images with full motion correction in ART, but I’m falling at the final hurdle.

I’ve created 4 shot and 16-shot pseudo ARQ files using the make_ARQ python script. But only the smaller 4-shot files are openable by ART, the larger 16-shot file (3.2GB) doesn’t show up in the ART file browser.

Hopefully the below screenshots summarize my issue clearer than my words. The file explorer shows the 16-shot file, but not ART. If I open the 16 shot file directly to ART via right-click, the program crashes (I get a brief white ART window that immediately closes).

The 16 shot ARQ file has been created correctly. I can open it in Lightroom, but obviously without accurate colour profiles, black point…and most importantly, motion correction.

Happy to provide more info, or a google drive link to the files in question if that helps.


I suspect you are hitting some precision limit with such huge files.

A sample would definitely help, thanks!

Hi, what OS are you using, and how much RAM do you have?
It takes forever to load here on my 8yrs old thinkpad, but eventually it gets there:

By the way:

Note that if your picture has motion artifacts, a 16-shot PS image will be useless. ART currently is not able to correct the sub-pixel artifacts caused by motion in 16-shot mode, because a 16-shot file is essentially a 4-image file with a 2x upscaling, so the artifacts are already “baked in” by make_arq (but the original Fuji and Sony apps do the same AFAIK). That’s one of the reasons why I added the 4-shot mode to make_arq in the first place.


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Thanks for the help Alberto,

My PC is windows with 128GB of RAM. I built it for astrophotography image processing , so its generally decently spec’d.

I also tried opening it on my eight year old laptop, but no luck there either hahaha

With the description you have given me though, I’m pretty happy to stick with 4-shot ARQ files in the future.

Now that I know I’m not missing out on any motion correction functionality, I’ll be happy to stick with ART for 4 shots files, and I’ll reserve the 16 shot files for the propitiatory Fujifilm software if the scene is perfectly static. I expect the Fujifilm software will “bake in” something unwanted into its ouputs, but thats how it goes with the camera RAWs anyway!

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