Cannot open raw files from fuji X T30 II

Hi all,

I am new here and first of all I want to thank all darktable supporters to keep this software free.
Unfortunately I cannot open raw files (.raf ).
I am using windows 10 and the latest version of darktable.
I tried it with compressed but also with uncompressed files, no difference.
Any idea?
Thank you

Good morning, @R_S, and welcome!

a) Version number of darktable?
b) From where did you obtain it?
c) What error message do you get?
Something about failed to read camera whitebalance?

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

This model is not supported yet (as of dt 4.0.1). You can try to add this camera to your cameras.xml like this, but it will only work for the uncompressed and lossless compressed raw files, not the “new” non-lossless mode…


Thank you,

it is the version 4.0.1, downloaded from the official dartable site, and yes the error message is about cannot read camera whitebalance.

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Unfortunately completely bogus and unrelated to white balance, as the failure to load comes earlier…

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