Cannot see Darktable folder in Ubuntu

I have a new computer and for the first time am running Linux as my OS (Ubuntu 24.04 LTS). I’ve installed Darktable and it’s running perfectly. I want to add a custom signature to the Watermark options but when I go to Home/.config there is no folder for Darktable. Is there someplace else I should be looking?

Update: I think I’ve resolved it thanks to paperdigits reply. Thanks for your help!

I assume that means you’re running the snap version, which means it’ll have its own location that is not in .config.

OK…wasn’t aware of that. Which version should I have installed in order to have the directory setup shown i the manual of home/.config?

A lot of the community uses the OBS package from here: install | darktable

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Thanks Mica, I was able to locate the snap folder with darktable in it so will try to work with that. If still issues will try the OBS package instead.

thanks for your help!

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