Cannot stitch panorama in digikam 5.7.0


I use to make panorama under linux with digikam without problems. I had to switch to macOS (10.12.6) and cannot make the panoramas anymore. The problem is that digikam does not find nona. And actually nona does not seem to be included in the couple hugins versions I installed (2017, 2016.2)… I googled around but cannot find a clear answer to the problem. I suspect that I download an even older version of hugin it will be fine but I would like to check with you first before making what seems to be a suboptimal choice.

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It is installed, but digiKam does not seem to find it by default. You can manually select it though. Click the find button and go to /Applications/Hugin/ Here, you’ll see a programme named nona.

@longan report the problem in digiKam’s bug tracker: