Canon 80D raw cr2 files not imported properly



I am new to raw image processing and I have just installed darktable and rawtherapee on my Ubuntu 14. I am trying to import some pics I shot raw on my 80D and all the pictures are coming up in a violet tint (see attached screenshot), both in darktable and rawtherapee. If I view them with Gnome Image Viewer, they look OK.
I would appreciate someone shedding some light on this mystery for me please. Thanks

(Mica) #2

You are using darktable version 1.4. You need to upgrade, either via PPA, build it yourself, snap, or flatpak. Current version is 2.4.4.

(Lowell Johnson) #3

Yeah, I’ve been using darktable and rawtherapee to process my 80D raws since December 2016, but I was then using Ubuntu 16.04 (and now 18.10). So as paperdigits suggests, you just need to upgrade.


Thanks. The upgrade did it.
Much appreciated.