Canon 80d raw gets blue moire

I’m trying to open this raw in rawtherappe:

I’m afraid that my version of rawtherapee can’t properly read it :frowning:
By default whole image gets some blue moire.

This is my version, I’m using it on ubuntu

Branch: default
Version: 4.2.0
Changeset: c81d9026d25c
Compiler: i686-linux-gnu-gcc 4.8.2
Processor: undefined
System: Linux
Bit depth: 32 bits
Gtkmm: V2.24.4
Build type: Release
Build flags: -O3 -DNDEBUG -march=i686 -fopenmp -Werror=unknown-pragmas
Link flags:
OpenMP support: ON
MMAP support: ON

is it known problem? google doesn’t return any topics about canon 80d and rawtherapee so maybe it’s some problem with my configuration? Could you check this raw file in yours RT? : ) thank you.


Canon 80D is not supported yet by Dcraw/RT. I am readying a camconst.json with support for new models but it is a mesh at the moment.

But as a preliminary step you can insert in the existing camconst.json (after 70D) the following lines …

{ // Quality C, White Levels not properly indicated, aperture scaling..missing scaling factors are guessed
    "make_model": "Canon EOS 80D",
    "dcraw_matrix": [ 7457,-671,-937,-4849,12495,2643,-1213,2354,5492 ], // DNG_V9.5 D65
    "raw_crop": [ 264, 34, 6024, 4022 ], // full size 6288x4056, official crop 276,46,6275,4045
    "masked_areas": [ 40, 96, 4000, 260 ],
    "ranges": {
           "white": [
            { "iso": [ 100, 125, 200, 250 ], "levels": 16200 }, // nominal 16383, LENR blue 16243
            { "iso": [ 160 ], "levels": 13000 }, // nominal 13097, 
            { "iso": [ 320, 640, 1250, 2500, 5000, 10000 ], "levels": 13200 }, // G1,G2 13415
            { "iso": [ 400, 500, 800, 1000, 1600, 2000, 3200, 4000 ], "levels": 16150 }, // nominal 16383, LENR ISO3200 16150
            { "iso": [ 6400, 8000, 12800, 16000, 25600 ], "levels": 16000 } // R,G1,G2 16383, B 16243, LENR B 16000
           "white_max": 16383,
        "aperture_scaling": [
	/* note: need for more data to properly fill all scale factors */
	{ "aperture": 1.4, "scale_factor": 1.200 }, // guessed
	{ "aperture": 1.6, "scale_factor": 1.080 }, // guessed
	{ "aperture": 1.8, "scale_factor": 1.055 }, // guessed
	{ "aperture": 2.0, "scale_factor": 1.030 }, // guessed
	{ "aperture": 2.2, "scale_factor": 1.025 }, // guessed
	{ "aperture": 2.5, "scale_factor": 1.020 }, // guessed
	{ "aperture": 2.8, "scale_factor": 1.000 }, //
	{ "aperture": 3.2, "scale_factor": 1.000 }, //
	{ "aperture": 3.5, "scale_factor": 1.000 } //

If any 80D user reads this … we need some sets of samples to improve the above

  1. a set of VERY overexposed shots of a featureless surface, covering all the frame, completelly out of focus (+5EV or more, so that all pixels are burned) at all ISOs (100-125-160- …51200) at f/4.0 or f/5.6. Keep the exposure shorter than 1 sec and set LENR to OFF
  2. a set as above but with long exposures (i.e at the 30sec limit) and with LENR (Long Exposure Noise Reduction) set to ON.
    If 1) +2) is too much just upload 2)
  3. a set as 1) but only for ISO100, 125, 160, 200 and using all wide appertures available (f3.2, 2.8, 2.5, 2.2, 2.0, 1.8, 1.6, 1.4, 1.2…)
    If ISOs 100-200 is too much, just upload ISO160.

Hi, thank you, I will try but firstly I have to google out some infos about this json - i’m totally new in RT : )
I will heva 80D soon :slight_smile: give me your email pls.

Best regards

Hi Stanz,

Please upload the raw files at when available, and post the link here …

You will find the camconst.json file in RT installation directory. You can edit it with notepad but it’s much better if you use Notepad++

it’s definetely better with this json, thank you.

ps. gedit is quite good :wink:

[quote=“ilias_giarimis, post:4, topic:1237”]
Please upload the raw files at when available, and post the link here …
[/quote]The link at the top points to the full raw already.

@Jonas_Wagner: Ilias meant to post the link to the set of overexposed shots on

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Are you still looking for overexposed images? I just got an 80d and would be willing to help. Any tips for best thing to make a pic of?

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I don’t know if we still need Canon 80d raw files. @ilias_giarimis should know

If you have anything that needs testing I will be a willing guinea pig. Big fan of Rawtherapee.

Yes, we need samples … please follow the directions at the end of Canon 80d raw gets blue moire
and upload the samples at

Filebin seems to have received an update but since the update it no longer works - after uploading a file you’re supposed to see it, but now it just disappears. If that is still the case when you read this, you can find alternatives to Filebin here Forum - RawPedia

Hello, I was able to get these photos done today. I taped a piece of paper to a wall illuminated by bright sunlight and unfocused completely. I only have the kit lens so couldn’t do much better than 3.5 for the wide apertures.

Let me know if you need any more samples.

Here are the photos on Google Drive.
Uploaded to Google Drive

Thanks for posting the patch, I’ve only had the 80D for a few weeks and was a bit dismayed by how raw came up.

I just wondered if this had moved on at all and if you need any other photo’s ?



I’ve got my Canon 80D today and on Gentoo with media-gfx/rawtherapee-4.2-r1,
the first impression is very bad (blue moire).
With the Patch from ilias_giarimis it is much better.

Do you need samples anymore? At this point the thread is not very clearly. Because after Tyler_Gunn Images and AJohns Question nothing happens.


@80dOwner 4.2 is over 2 years old. Compile your own from git or wait for RT5.

  • GTK2? Use the master branch.
  • <=GTK3.18? Use the gtk3 branch.
  • =3.20? Use the gtk3-bugfix branch.

Thank you very much. With the new version it works out of the box!

I own a 50mm 1.8 STM if aperture 1.8 is still needed.

Yes, it is still needed.
Please provide white frames as requested above all f1.8, 2.0, 2.2, 2.5, 2.8, 3.2, 3.5 .

I have held to the point 3 on your list. I hope I did it right and it helps you!

If not or your need other images, just say it.

Thank you for your commitment :slight_smile: