Canon CR3 raw support - your move

That’s good to hear. Although I still think first citizening open source good be a good move for Canon.

Is there any guide on how to run the development builds on Mac OS? Or are those only for “real” Linux systems and does Mac OS require me to build myself (MacOS - RawPedia)?


I think that link, combined with how open .Appimage on MacOS X? · Issue #96 · AppImage/pkg2appimage · GitHub answered my own question. Darn :slight_smile:

I was wrong, no nightly builds for Mac.

We have no development builds for macOS.

Current state of CR3 decoding:

In Exiv2

In Rawspeed (darktable’s raw decoding lib)


The coding/programming/technical part is 90% done. The blocking point is with the legal/patents mess. I some countries, developers may be personally liable in case of a lawsuit (meaning sell your house and put your family on the street to pay judiciary expenses and fines if they occur).

I will ask users to stop enquiring when CR3 will land, as if devs were being lazy asses, and start applying pressure on Canon instead. They are not playing fair here, and you paid them. Opensource devs are not responsible for the lack of cooperation and active overall patent-assholery from a defensive company.


Could it be provided as a plugin?

Not the point. From a technical point of view, yes. Problem remains : who will take responsibility and face the consequences, and what consequences can be expected ? That kind of stuff needs to be sorted out. Fathering a 800-lines plugin is not a real problem.

I guess if done via unofficial plugin it would be up to the end user to weigh the benefits vs the risk of getting sued.

If not, how do we get Canon’s attention? I’ve sent emails, tweeted at them, asked the questions during their Q&A livestreams. So far I’ve only been ignored.
Would a campaign get their attention? Should we create a dedicated “protest” website for this issue and promote it on social media?

I can create the website but I’d need devs with in depth technical understanding of the issue to write up a demand, be willing and available for communication with Canon in case some of their engineers contact us.

We should present ourselves as a “large” collective of open source projects, developers and Canon customers and users.

We could probably push this “action” and promote it on Softpedia, Forbes, Ars Technica, ZDNet, Phoronix, EOSHD and maybe a few others if somebody has any contacts?
I’d assume that the “FOSS” youtubers would pick this up the same day.
We could also push it on social media platforms: Canon subreddit, Hacker News, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.

If we create enough of an outrage it could be picked up by fstoppers, photonews, froknowsphoto, tony… (i know, i know… but we really need it in this case and it’s for a good cause).

If we could have the whole thing translated to Japanese even, it would show that we mean business.


I mean, I am currently on 5Dmk4 and 77D readying to invest into R5 if the next firmware pulls this camera from the trash.
I think in light of the recent bad press (terrible actually), Canon might use some good press and this would be them directly listening to their “technical” users and also developers. And they are really lacking here right now with the release of R5.
It would be a kind of quid pro quo.

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@clanmills what do you think ?

I’ve lost the plot here.

CR3 is an ISOBMFF file and documented in my book

I hope to complete my book by the end of 2020. Will about 30-50 lines of code in the book concerning CR3 and HEIF get into Exiv2? For sure, Team Exiv2 (Dan and Jens) have strongly resisted on behalf of Canon and Apple Legal (who have said nothing).

Please understand that my code is 100% based on ISO documents. There is no reverse engineering here. My code parses the file as documented by ISO. How can this be illegal?


I will never add my code concerning CR3 and HEIF to Exiv2. I hope to finish my book before I am 70 on 2021-01-18. After that, I am finished with Exiv2 and will do nothing else for the open source community because of on-line abuse.


I’m sorry to hear that :frowning:


I’m also very very sorry to hear that :cry:

That said, what do we actually need from Canon and Apple and what would be your suggested way to go about it? I mean, we are in limbo at the moment. And the users are hurting. How do we get things moving?

[EDIT]: I get a sense we’ll be seeing more of you at least looking at your current bucket list :smiley: :

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We don’t need anything from either Canon or Apple. We only need to add about 30 lines of code from my book to Exiv2 and we are done. Please ask Jens and Dan why their only contribution to Exiv2 v0.27.3 was to scream “NO” to this feature.

Lots of fun stuff ahead on the bucket list. However open source is now finished and closed. I’m working on my musical skills by playing the Euphonium. Lizzie (the cat) prefers open source!


Alright man, thank you very muck for taking the time to answer and all your past and current work. I will do that and I wish you all the best luck and good times while you check off all the things from your bucket list :smiley:


Thanks. Could you say something nice to Lizzie?

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Smells like forking.


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Lizzie never forks nor smells.


@clanmills wait, I’m a bit confused now. Isn’t your daughter Lizzie? Or is the cat (the black one with the white chin) Lizzie?

In any case, purrrr?

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Alison and I don’t have a daughter. We have two boys (Alan and Jamie). And three beautiful grandchildren (Holly, Liam and Jude). Jamie’s wife is divorced and we love her two children (George and Jessie). I love my wife. We met in High School in 1967. Life is fine (apart from the euphonium).

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