Canon EOS 6D Mark II profile ?

(Christian Malchus) #1

Hi there,
I am a hobby photographer and has been using RT for a couple of years. In fact it was the easy use of RT which encouraged me to start shooting RAW…

Now I’ve treated myself to the new Canon EOS 6D Mark II - and somehow things don’t seem to work out any more… :frowning:

the pre - view looks fine but one I open the pictures to edit them they all seem to have a pink layer…
Can it bee that RT doesn’t (yet) recognise a Canon EOS 6D Mark II?

I tried to ask Canon directly and their guess was that the codec has not yet been installed?

(Mica) #2

Hello there and welcome! Which version of RT are you using? If it isn’t the latest, please update!

(Christian Malchus) #3

Hi - and thanks!
I’m using RT 5.2

(Mica) #4

Excellent, you’re all the way up to date.

Since the camera just came out last month, you’re probably right, it isn’t supported… Yet!

You can help the support effort by uploading some sample shots to (instructions on licensing and subject mattet, etc are on the page.)

If you have a ColorChecker Passport or other color calibration device, you can shoot photos of that in both daylight and tungsten and upload those files to and post a link here.

(John) #5

I downloaded abobe dng converter a week or so ago and the MkII profiles aren’t in it yet. I’d guess that will be fixed pretty quickly.

Before moving almost entirely to M 4/3 I was tempted to get a 6D. It was one of the few cameras that definitely had the low noise advantage that full frame cameras have over crop. Looks like they haven’t gone mad on the MkII so that could still be true. Maybe it even uses the more recent sensor technology that they have used in the 80D. Likely to be even better.


(Flössie) #6

A few more things have to be done in RT to support a new camera apart from having the right DCP. :wink:

dpreview has an in-depth review.

(Christian Malchus) #7

Yes, the MK II uses the same sensor as in the EOS 80D, I am amazed at the quality of OOC Jpg’s… :open_mouth:

@paperdigits, @floessie
I would love to help but I’m afraid I don’t have a ColorChecker Passport (or equivalent) so I would have to get one from my dealer next weekend. Not quite sure where I could make the “Tungsten” shots though…
Do you already have the right DCP - or should I go ahead with it? :smiley:

(Morgan Hardwood) #8

@PhotoViking this explains everything related to shooting the color target:

We are only interested in the raw files of the target - we make the DCP ourselves.

(Flössie) #9

AFAIK you’re the first to have a 6DII here, so we’d be glad to get the samples from you. The DCPs John mentioned aren’t really free…

(Andrew) #10

I have a 6D and the mark 2 might be a future upgrade, but not too sure, the sensor has been much criticized for mediocre dynamic range. I looked in camconst.json and it had a mk2 section, but clearly there is more to be done.

(Christian Malchus) #11

OK, I’ll go ahead then; will be happy if I can contribute something useful! :slight_smile:

(Flössie) #12

I have a 600D and will likely upgrade to the 6D. Price is one point, another is the mature MagicLantern support. And the sensor isn’t that bad either… :wink:

(Christian Malchus) #13

:grinning: FYI:
X-Rite ColorChecker Passport has been ordered!
Now all I need will be:
1: A sunny weekend
2: A room with “Tungsten” lightbulbs…

(Morgan Hardwood) #14

@PhotoViking do you own pr have access to any other cameras?

(Christian Malchus) #15

I still habe my old EOS 60D and my wife has a EOS 1300D

(Morgan Hardwood) #16

Could you also shoot the target using the 60D and the 1300D?

(Christian Malchus) #17

Absolutely no Problem!

Using the same Lens? All -1/0/+1 ?

(Morgan Hardwood) #18

Use your best lens, though it doesn’t really matter if it’s modern.

We want the best-exposed shot without clipping of the target. Since the camera histogram does not show the raw data’s histogram, it is a good idea to shoot bracketed.

Usually users’ first attempts at shooting the target result in failure and the photos have to be re-shot - please review the guide on the day of shooting, and maybe take a look at the mistakes other users have made when shooting to avoid doing the same, e.g. Terrible colors from Fuji X-T20. What is wrong ?

(John) #19

DP Review have stopped publishing curve information and now use test shots only. The curves can show what is going on more clearly.

I’d guess that they have stopped due to certain manufacturers complaining. The curves show what they manage to stuff into a jpg - usually all of the information that is usable in a raw file and some. Nikon have been some way ahead of Canon at the dark end for a long time. The 80D was the first attempt to catch up. I’d say that in terms of truly usable dynamic range there probably isn’t much difference if any now.


(Andrew) #20