Canon EOS R on RawTherapee

Hi, does anyone know how to get RawTherapee to load the colours of the RAW CR3 files as they appear on camera (i.e. properly)? Currently they appear faded and desaturated. I have the Canon EOS R.

They come out fine on FastStone Image Viewer and on Canon’s DPP software (see comparison). To make things even more strange, they look fine on the Top Bar preview on RawTherapee, but once you select the image and open it, it becomes desaturated.

I believe one needs to load the right colour profile under Colour>Colour Management>Input Profile. If so, does anyone know where I can find this file? I already tried taking it from the Canon’s DPP folder under Program Files, but it does not work.

For anything that shoots CR3 - there are sometimes input profile matching issues due to lack of metadata. I’m not sure if RT has a DCP profile for the EOS R, but I think at least dev builds should have a basic color matrix - I’m not sure though.

Also, which preset profile are you using? Neutral will look desaturated even with a proper input profile.

Note that exactly as they appear in the JPEGs will not be possible, as that’s generally considered to not actually be “properly” - see for more on tone curves

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Yes, we have support for this in the current nightly builds. @serge.focus, please try that.


Out of camera JPEG images use the processing “magic” of the camera manufacturer. The idea of RAW image processors is to do the processing yourself. So, the images should look different when opened. The advantage, however, is that with RAW files it is possible to edit the image in ways not possible with JPEG files.
That being said, however, people often try to set the software to automatically find a good starting point for editing. Some prefer the look of the out of camera JPEG images for this. I myself have not looked at the camera JPEGs for a long time :wink: .

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So you know, what’s going on here, 1) FastStone viewer is using the JPEG embedded in the raw, 2) Canon DPP may be using the embedded JPEG for preview, but might also be processing the raw using their camera data, 3) RawTherapee is using the embedded JPEG for the preview, but when the raw file is opened, your copy of RT doesn’t have the camera data to do the color conversion.

Using the nightly build will fix that.


This worked. Thanks a million!!!

@ggbutcher thanks so much for the explanation! I could’ve spent hours trying to figure this out. There is so much to learn here, seems a bit of a minefield. Thanks

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