Canon EOS R6 Photo Sets

Hello, I’ve just received the Canon EOS R6. I have created the photo sets according to the RawTherapee website for adding support for new raw formats. Unfortunately, I can’t get the .zip to compress well at all, it barely compresses beyond 10%. I also couldn’t get it to upload to filebin, so I’ve saved it to a Google drive, hope that’s acceptable:

This .zip file includes non-LENR and LENR for all available ISOs in the R6 (including extended). I separately uploaded an f/1.2 100ISO file to test for raw scaling. Please let me know if you need anything further. I have an X-Rite Color Checker Passport, and would be happy to provide photos using that for any color profiles as well, just let me know if that is needed. Thanks much!

@Paxtian, a similar request has been issued on the official GitHub tracker very recently.

If you would be able to provide properly lit shots of the X-Rite Color Checker, that would be the icing on the cake. See here for the specific instructions:

Will do!

Fyi I added a “quality C” entry for both the R5 and R6 to ART, as well as DCP profiles for both cameras. Feel free to take those as basis if you want (and if you improve on them, please let me know so I can incorporate the enhancements too)

If we don’t have samples, a set to would be excellent as well.